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A.P: France Remembers U.S. on Independence Day

… The sweetest - and perhaps most powerful - message came far from the hustle and bustle of urban tourist haunts.

In simple ceremonies at military cemeteries, men, women and children placed a simple red rose at each of the 60,511 graves of U.S. soldiers who died fighting on French soil in the two world wars. The tribute began Thursday at the huge D-Day cemetery in Normandy and continued Friday at smaller burial sites in France.

"It's like a family. There are conflicts, but in the end one remains a family. You stay together," said Anne-Colombe de La Taille, who helped organize the grass roots initiative.

… An open letter, signed by myriad groups, from friendship clubs to businesses, schools and culinary associations, notes French support during the War of Independence in which the Marquis de Lafayette, prominent at the start of the French Revolution, played a role.
The letter is entitled, "The French Will Never Forget," recalling the height of bitterness between Paris and Washington over Iraq when some Americans implied that France was betraying U.S. soldiers killed for France.


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Washington, D. C., November 7, 1942 White House news release.
In connection with current military operations in French North Africa, the President has broadcasted by radio to the French people, the following message in French.

President Roosevelt :
" No two Nations exist which are more united by historic and mutually friendly ties than the people of France and the United States. ".

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