Légion d'honneur
Arnold Franco:
2 005 code to victory


WWI and WWII american cemeteries inFrance

Thanks to

General Leszczynski
The American Battle Monuments Commission European Region
Don Wright , Director of logistics, The American Battle Monuments Commission European Regiona

AISNE-MARNE American Cemetery
David ATKINSON, Supt / Flora PROMELIN, Cemetery Associate

MEUSE-ARGONNE American Cemetery 
FranceJoseph P. P. RIVERS, Supt. / Craig P. RAHANIAN, Asst. Supt-Trainee /
Dominique DIDIOT, Cemetery Associate

OISE-AISNE American Cemetery
John R. AUST, Supt. / Nathalie LANTOINE, Cem. Associate

SAINT-MIHIEL American Cemetery
Phillip D. DE LA MATER, Supt. / Nadia EZZEDINE, Cemetery Associate

SOMME American Cemetery
Bobby BELL, Supt./ Murielle DEFRENNE, Cem. Associate

SURESNES American Cemetery
David BEDFORD, Supt. / Gabrielle MIHAESCU, Cem. Associate

BRITTANY American Cemetery
Jacques R. ADELÉE, Supt. / Maurice LEMARDELE, Cem. Associate

EPINAL American Cemetery
Roland B. PRIEUR, Supt. / Wilfred J. ST-PIERRE, Asst / Dominique JAMBOIS, Cem. Associate

LORRAINE American Cemetery
Horace E. THOMPSON, Supt. / Walter GEBHARDT, Cemetery Associate

NORMANDY American Cemetery
Gene S. DELLINGER, Supt. / Fred RHODES, Asst. / Sylvie JEAN, Cem. Associate /
Maryvonne GUIDON, Cem. Associate

RHONE American Cemetery
Alvin V. NAGEL, Supt. / Gilles POLI, Cem. Associate 

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Over 125 radio/TV broadcasts

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Washington, D. C., November 7, 1942 White House news release.
In connection with current military operations in French North Africa, the President has broadcasted by radio to the French people, the following message in French.

President Roosevelt :
" No two Nations exist which are more united by historic and mutually friendly ties than the people of France and the United States. ".

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Embassy of the United States of America

website: Paul-Etienne Malaurie